Chinese New Year

On Feb. 11, 2016, RIT celebrated the Lunar New Year with traditional festivities, fun and food. The Chinese New Year and the celebration of Asian culture is another demonstration of RIT diversity, something that has been incorporated into our RIT traditions over time. The New Year’s party was hosted by the Department of Modern Languages, to introduce students to the cultures and languages they can study on campus. Free food, fun activities, dance demonstrations, live music and more were offered to include all students in the New Year celebration. Students were able to engage in many min-events, like practicing calligraphy, making arts and crafts, even learning to use chopsticks. This year’s featured dance was the Lion Dance, in which performers don a large lion costume and taunt the audience. According to tradition, it is customary to feed the lion red envelopes or lettuce in hopes of good luck in the New Year. The department presented a feast of dumplings (because you cannot celebrate without dumplings!), different sides of rice, sesame chicken, shrimp egg rolls and many more traditional dishes.


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