Helen Fish Hall

To many of us the names on our residence halls or academic buildings don’t register. We all know of George Eastman, but past that most of the people whose names grace our buildings are not as recognizable by the student body. This week for Throwback Thursday we wanted to add context to one of those names and chose images of students walking back to their dorm rooms in Helen Fish Hall. This residence hall was named after Mrs. Helen Murray Fish, a Rochester native. Mrs. Fish had a passion for cultural activities around Rochester and dedicated her life to spreading her love for the arts. In 1920, Mrs. Fish became a founding member or the Hochstein School of Music. The school had one simple goal in mind: “to provide music education and training to the children whose parents could not afford to pay for it.” Helen Fish was a trailblazing member of the community who was best known for her need to help students and her contributions to the local education system, which is why she earned the dedication of this building.


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