Henrietta Campus

The RIT campus and student body have been rapidly growing since the University’s beginnings. In 1968 the school had to move its main operations from the downtown to the Henrietta campus we know and love today. This photo was taken less than 5 years after the move, in the early 1970s. The campus student body had just grown to over 10,000 students and the institution was getting national recognition for their job-based learning approach and with the induction of the NTID community into our tiger family. This was a time of construction and expansion on the campus as two new colleges, The School of Computer Science and Technology and The College of Engineering, had just been recently added to the current RIT programs.


RIT has not slowed their growth in that time as you can see by the new photo. In just this small snapshot we can see the Information/ Welcome booth and the Bausch and Lomb Center have been added to the mix. Not only has the campus grown but RIT also has taken the time to improve what we already had. As you can see from the differences in the photos, RIT has spent a lot of time making the campus a better place to live. From the paved roads to the beautiful scenery and nature you can see RIT has worked hard at improving on the look and feel of the university. This year’s enrollment is the highest yet and RIT is looking to continue to grow and adapt to meet the needs of the new student body with projects on the horizon including a new building to house MAGIC Spell Studios. RIT has morphed the humble little campus we see in the before image to a thriving campus with a bright future ahead.


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