Henry's Restaurant

If you have ever found yourself wandering around the floors of the Eastman Building, fourth floor to be exact, you have probably come across a hidden treasure that is unknown to many RIT students, alumni and even faculty.

The College of Applied Science and Technology runs a fully functional restaurant located in the room 4125 known as Henry’s Restaurant. It was established in 1983 with the purpose of granting the Hospitality and Service Management program students an opportunity for a well-rounded education and experience running food service. However, since Henry’s is a restaurant that is run by the students enrolled in the Food and Beverage Operations course, it is open only during the times that course is offered, which is usually in the fall and spring semesters. Their delectable menus in the past have offered a variety of entrees such as beef tenderloin and poached chicken Florentine as well as vegetarian options like soups, salads and sandwiches. Food is often served buffet style and runs strictly on reservations as soon as they open in the fall and spring.

The Hospitality program at RIT is ranked highly in the nation as one of the best, so remember to write it down on your bucket list to visit Henry’s Restaurant at least once and enrich yourself with the experience of being served by our very own students!


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