Imagine RIT Posters

The winning 2016 Imagine RIT poster was designed by Kelly Hurlburt, a third year New Media Design student at RIT. Art submissions for the posters are designed by students and each year the RIT community has the opportunity to vote on their favorites. The designs that get most votes are reviewed by a panel, and Dr. Destler finalizes the process by picking the cream of the crop.

Hurlburt’s design will be used to promote the ninth edition of our great festival, and was chosen as best among 75 entries. In the design you can see a colorful machine, showcasing the demonstrations and presentations that students show the community at the Imagine RIT Festival. The first winner of the Poster Design Contest was made by Carly Schonberg, who now has a career making children’s book illustrations. We’ve all heard Dr. Destler talk about how RIT is a place where “the right and left brain collide” to forge new ideas. The idea of the poster is meant to demonstrate the combination of innovation and creativity that RIT stands for.

The Imagine RIT website has an archive of all the past winners and the creative designs they competed against.


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