Imagine RIT Robots

A lot of kids dream about being able to control cars and robots remotely like they do on TV and in movies. RIT has long helped young people turn that passion can turn into something tangible. RIT students have worked on remote controlled robots for years now, applying their passion at robotics clubs and events like Imagine RIT. They may not be the giant ones we dream about as kids, but the passion has turned into countless hands-on learning opportunities.

At Imagine RIT in 2013, a group of students created remote controlled robots and let visitors and kids live that childhood dream for a while. They made it like a game with a camera to show the crowd everything from the robot’s perspective, and had another robot to compete against. Today RIT students are taking their passion for robots to even higher degrees! The worldwide fascination with robots has become so huge that there are competitions of bots vs bots, including an ABC TV show BattleBots. A group of students called the “Blindside Robotics” are 1 of 52 teams that have been picked for season two, which will begin airing June 23, 2016. The Blindside Robotics team will showcase their robot this Saturday as one of more than 400 exhibits at the ninth iteration of RIT’s flagship festival.


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