The PalmPilot

If you are a millennial like me, you may know what this is, but the PalmPilot represented the first PDA (personal digital assistant) that aided people in their daily lives. In the 1990s, students on campus were just being introduced to revolutionary personal technologies. PalmPilots were known as the first handheld computer, becoming the bridge between computers and the basic mobile phones of that time. There were only basic applications in those days, so it wasn’t as easy to access information like it is today.

In today’s world RIT students have countless ways to get important information at their fingertips, from the RIT App to Facebook and Twitter accounts, but back in the day, there were just PDAs. When PalmPilots first came out, they were fastest device, with the best organizing functions that were easy to use- all for $299. Seems a bit cheap compared to the prices we pay for cell phones now! The first steppingstone was very useful, but today’s cell phones and tablets have so many more advanced capabilities that help us with our day to day lives— and keep us entertained with games and social media of course.


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