Reading Day

The semester is quickly coming to a close and students across campus are putting in extra hours to study for exams. Since we are approaching finals week, we thought an appropriate #throwback would be to look back at this photo of students preparing for finals on Reading Day decades ago. You can see that while the tools students use to study with have changed, the intense expressions of concentration on their faces have remained the same.


Another thing that will remain forever is the fact that there are people here to help you prepare. The Academic Support Center is an amazing resource for students. It was previously known as the Reading Laboratory and was established in 1953 to provide reading instruction to the students of the school, as well as the surrounding community (RIT Archives). You can always visit this center if you have difficulties in math, writing, reading or want to step up your skills at studying. Some resources that students find especially helpful are the workshops, classes and labs for reading, writing and mathematics that they offer! Do you need help in specific subject-matters? Even though the ASC does assign tutors for your advantage, remember to check out resources from your college since they are known to also have professors and upperclassmen on deck if you have specific questions.


Something to keep in mind: there isn’t one “right” way to prepare you for the upcoming finals week. Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference given that there are many different, yet effective, ways to approach it. Whether if it is studying cumulatively and spanning your coursework over months in advance, or powering through the last two weeks and utilizing every minute to be efficient and turn in the work on time, RIT encourages you to work however works best for you. Just remember to seek help when you feel like you need it. Good luck Tigers!


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