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It is incredible to see how far RIT’s Reporter magazine has come throughout its rich history! The first cover photograph (pictured above on the left) was taken by Bob Kiger after The Reporter switched to a magazine format in January 1969. Grant Hamilton was the founding editor of the magazine at the time, and ran a team of about ten individuals. The team’s editorial meetings were first held in the basement of the student union at the new RIT campus in Henrietta, after the institution moved from its downtown location in 1968.

One of The Reporter’s earliest issues featured a very unique tagline: “Emerging from a frightful past into an unknown future.”  In this issue from May 1969, a cover photo of a women looking out over open water was used to illustrate this tagline, as well as represent the switch to a magazine format. Some of the main headlines from this issue? A student found guilty by the Judicial Court for smoking marijuana on campus. A “big party” marking the opening of a student art exhibition. And among others, an article from the lone doctor in the Student Health Center, highlighting his concerns and need for a bigger staff. RIT’s Digital Media Library contains an archive of almost every issue of The Reporter from its original inception in 1951! This archive can be found here:


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