RIT Formula SAE Racing Team

RIT prides itself on being a place where brilliant minds assemble and collaborate, where they pool together their individual talents across disciplines in service of big projects and big ideas. The RIT Formula SAE (FSAE) Racing Team is a clear example of what RIT stands for, as this group of students works together in their spare time to design and engineer a car almost entirely from the ground up.

The RIT FSAE Racing Team was founded in 1993, dedicated to designing, fabricating, testing and promoting the best FSAE racecars possible. Currently the team has about 35 students and welcomes students from all majors and levels of experience. They take their passion, along with the technical knowledge learned through RIT classes and trial and error, to build a car from scratch every year and enter local, national and international competitions to put their abilities to the test. Most recently they attended competitions in Detroit and Germany.


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