(Ritz)keller Dining Hall

Fun fact: The RITZ Sports Zone, located beneath the SAU, was known for many years as the "RITskeller." It was supposed to play on the German term “ratskeller” that meant a bar below street level. During the 1950s many universities and public institutions had repurposed their basements or lower level spaces and built pubs or dining facilities for students. It was first located in the Eastman Building downtown (pictured above on the left) and later moved to the SAU when the Henrietta campus opened, serving as one of the three campus dining location choices that RIT offered. 

Later on it was known as The RITz for short and during the 90s the SAU incorporated the game room next to it and turned it into the Sports Zone. It also includes a bar, which adds to the relaxed and social environment for students and faculty 21+. Other features are the daily visiting chefs, famous Mascot Tiger breaded chicken sub dipped in the mouthwatering Tiger Sauce and their RITZ tailgate events that happen during Men’s and Women’s Hockey games. So if you are interested in great food and a relaxed scene where you can just sit back in the comfy couches, get pumped for the screened events or beat your best mate at a round of pool, the A-level floor of the SAU is just the place for you!


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