Schmitt Interfaith Center

RIT offers nearly infinite combinations of majors, minors and concentrations to encourage students’ intellectual self-exploration and experimentation. To balance this, RIT long ago saw the need to dedicate a space for the spiritual needs of the student body. In the 1980s, Father Gerald Appelby spoke of a need amongst RIT students for a "sacred place," where people could gather, talk, worship and reflect on spiritual issues. Funds were eventually secured for RIT's new interfaith center, which was dedicated and named after major benefactors in June 1985 by Kilian J. and Caroline F. Schmitt. Mr. Schmitt, graduates from the Mechanics Institute in 1935. Interestingly enough, the Schmitts had two requirements when they agreed to fund the building: that the chapel be at the center of the campus and that it be inter-faith. This is why the chapel now hosts ceremonies and services for twelve fellowships and religions ranging from Catholic, Lutheran, to Zen Buddhism.

As of now, the Interfaith Center is located on the east end of the Student Alumni Union, and its facilities are comprised of the Allen and Jones Chapel, two working sacristies, a lower level, kitchen, and washrooms that serve for any needs within the community. Remember that the facilities are for any person in need of quiet and relaxation; there is no need to be part of a specific doctrine or order to dedicate time to self-evaluate and explore your mind and spirit.


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