ShopOne2 is one of RIT's most overlooked gems. Many students walk by the shop on a daily basis, yet few know of its rich, unique history in Rochester.

The original shop, ShopOne, was established in 1953 by four RIT professors in the School of American Crafts--Jack Prip, Tage Frid, Frans Wildenhain and Ron Pearson. Located in a small downtown Rochester boutique, the original ShopOne made a name for itself selling handcrafted, unconventional pieces of art. Despite its closing in 1977, ShopOne singlehandedly revitalized the dwindling art market in upstate New York, paving the way for future innovators.

ShopOne2, as it is known today, was first introduced to RIT's campus in 2010 upon the construction of Global Village. As a tribute to the original ShopOne owners, ShopOne2 only showcases work from RIT-affiliated artists, including jewelry, sculptures, glassware, metal works, crafts, furniture and much more! The image on the left shows the shop in its orginal state in 2010, housing nearly 30 artists. The picture on the right sheds light on the current state of ShopOne2, showcasing over 300 artists from all over the country. To this day, ShopOne2 has continued to grow and collaborate with both emerging and established artists alike. Stop by the shop to see some truly one-of-a-kind items!


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