Slaughter Hall

The award-winning Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (CIMS) program is housed Louise Slaughter Hall on the western side of campus. This program was established around 1992, but the building was erected and renamed in 1997 after the Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. Her multiple contributions and efforts to secure funds for her district highly impacted the future of this region, and ultimately the CIMS program and RIT recognized it by naming its building after her. The CIMS program was created in order to better understand the complex nature of the business industry by tackling its challenges with technical solutions to better compete in the global market.

This building is fairly modern and holds an impressive amount of laboratory space for a design capture/metrology lab; integrated diagnostics and prognostics lab; materials engineering lab; systems performance and reliability lab; workplace ergonomics lab; product evaluation lab. CIMS provides five industrial programs that help students gain a well-rounded understanding of the market and its demands. These programs include Printing Applications and Imaging Products, Digital Manufacturing & Product Realization Lab, Center for Excellence in Lean Enterprise, Manufacturing Technologies Program and the CIMS Training Program. This program is part of RIT’s sustainability commitment to “enhancing the environmental and economic performance of products and processes."


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