Fitness Classes & Locations
How do I register for fitness classes?

Registering for fitness classes is done through the SIS system. All Better Me classes are combined into one Wellness Class Pass option, which allows you to take any Better Me fitness class on campus, anytime. For more details, please see our Steps to Register document, which can also be found on our Steps to Register page.

How do I pay for the Wellness Class Pass?

The Wellness Class Pass costs $50 per semester and is paid for through Student Financial Services. After you register through SIS, an e-bill will be generated. 

If I am a non RIT employee, can I still register for the Wellness Class Pass?

Yes.  Any RIT-sponsored person (family members, alumni and retirees) can register for the Wellness Class Pass as long as they have an active membership to the Student Life Center (SLC). For more information on SLC membership, please visit http://www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/criw/membership.php.

Can I use the Global Village Fitness Center?

If you are a current RIT faculty or staff member, you have 24/7 access to the Better Me Global Village Fitness Center. Non-RIT members have access if they are a paid member of the SLC through an RIT sponsor and have a valid RIT ID card.

Personal Training
How do I sign up for Personal Training?

To sign up for personal training please email Keith O’Connor, Health Fitness Specialist. Keith will work with you to find the personal trainer who best fits your health and wellness needs.

Keith O’Connor

Health Fitness Coordinator
Email: kmopsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-4332

How do I pay for personal training?

Personal training is paid for through the Tiger Bucks system. Your sessions must be paid in full before you can work with a trainer.

How much does personal training cost?

The cost of personal training varies depending on the amount of training you’d like and the number of people involved.  Please visit our personal training page for more information.

Health Fitness Specialists
Who is my health fitness specialist?

Your assigned health fitness specialist is broken down by building. Please review the building list to see which HFS covers which areas, or visit our Wellness Coaching page for more information.

How do I make an appointment with my health fitness specialist

Call or email your HFS at any time to set up an appointment.

Proactive Approach to Health (PATH)
What is the PATH program?

The PATH program stands for Personalized Approach to Health. This program has been developed to guide individuals through the journey to optimum health and wellness.

Who is eligible for the PATH program?

To be eligible for the PATH program an individual must have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher and/or associated health issues. Calculate your BMI.

How do I apply?

To apply to the PATH program, send an email to Keith O'Connor.

Keith O’Connor

Health Fitness Coordinator
Email: kmopsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-4332

Does it cost money to participate in the PATH program?

No.  PATH is free to employees who meet the eligibility requirements for the program.  To learn if you're eligible, please contact Keith O'Connor.

Keith O’Connor

Health Fitness Coordinator
Email: kmopsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-4332

Personal Health Information
How is my health information (blood pressure and wellness check) used?

Data collected at any time through the Better Me program is used to help guide the participant to optimum health and wellness. RIT utilizes a self-funded health care plan which means the healthier we all are, the less we all pay. Health-related data are used ONLY to help you, the participant. You cannot be penalized for having a ‘negative’ health screening.

Who sees my information?

If your screening is administered by a Better Me staff member, that staff member will see your data. If your data are collected by a third party technician (such as during the fall wellness check), the technician will only see the blood pressure data. A third party vendor collects individual blood screening data. RIT does not see individual results of the screening unless a participant chooses to share the information with a Better Me staff member to help answer questions and develop a wellness action plan. RIT only receives aggregate data, a snapshot, of the entire population. No names are attached to any data that RIT receives from the third party vendor.

Where is my information stored?

Your health information gathered by a Better Me staff member is either given directly to the participant or stored in a secure area for future reference while working with the participant. Any information gathered by a third party vendor is not stored at RIT in hard copy or electronic means

What is a wellness action plan?

A wellness action plan is developed by meeting with your health fitness specialist. They will help create a plan based on your individual needs, goals, and health status to guide you to where you’d like to be

Is Better Me HIPAA compliant?

Yes, all information gathered by RIT or a third-party vendor complies with HIPAA regulations.

Wellness Challenges and Campaigns
What are the official rules for the #HealthieSelfie campaign?

1) No purchase is necessary to participate.

2) The Better Me Healthie Selfie campaign begins Monday, July 24, 2017 and concludes on August 25, 2017.

3) Eligibility requirements – all employees of Finance & Administration are eligible to participate in the Better Me Healthie Selfie campaign. This includes fulltime and part-time staff members. Please note that 300 Finance & Administration employees must submit a Healthie Selfie in order for all participants to receive a $5 Wegmans produce coupon.

4) Method to enter – in order to participate; like “RIT Better Me Fitness Program on social media; take a photo and upload it to your social media using the hashtag: #RITHealthieSelfie or email your photo to Larissa Bolalek: lakpsn@rit.edu. You must use the hashtag: #RITHealthieSelfie in order to be eligible for the $5 Wegmans produce coupon.  Your social media must be public.

5) Finance & and Administration employees need only submit one Healthie Selfie to participate and be eligible for prizes. Multiple Healthie Selfie submissions do not increase your chances of winning.

6) Odds of winning. -  If Finance & Administration achieves 300 participants, all employees will receive a Wegmans produce coupon valued at $5. Your chances of winning additional prizes are 1 in 5. These prizes include the following:

  • Functional movement assessments  ( 50  valued at $30 each )
  • T-shirts ( 5 valued at $10 each )
  • Salad shakers ( 5 valued at $10 each )

8) Weekly winners for the t-shirts and salad shakers will be selected via computerized random selection each Wednesday. The weekly winners with be notified via email and a list of weekly winners will be posted on the Better Me website https://www.rit.edu/fa/betterme/ and the Better Me Fitness Program Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RITBetterMeWellness/

9) Participating Finance & Administration employees are eligible for only one of the weekly prize giveaways. If the Finance & Administration division achieves 300 participants, 50 functional movement assessments will be given away via computerized random selection, in addition to the $5 Wegmans produce coupon.

11) The Healthie Selfie campaign is sponsored by the RIT Better Me wellness program. Global Village Plaza, 400 Reynolds Dr. Rochester, NY. 14623

What are the official rules for higi challenges?

**No purchase necessary to participate in the challenges.  Better Me is not directly responsible for the choice of the winners.  The winners will be chosen at random by higi and all participants and Better Me will be emailed the following Monday.  There is no cutoff date for registration for the challenges. higi may use information for marketing purposes, but they will not rent, sell, or share personal information for third parties to directly market to you, and they will not share body measurements for off-site marketing purposes unless they obtained your consent previously. higi may use anonymous and aggregate information for any purpose, including for marketing purposes.

The Better Me organization will not have access to any individual biometric data or personal information contained on the higi platform