Functional Movement Assessment

Better Me Utilizes a modified version of the Functional Movement Screening to help you improve your mobility and balance. Functional movement is movement based on real-world situational biomechanics. Functional imbalances and weaknesses can result in joint pain, muscle discomfort and poor physical performance.


Where are the assessments?

One of our health fitness specialists will meet you at the Better Me Fitness Studio at Global Village.


What is the cost?

The 30 minute evaluation is $30.00 and payments will be made through Tiger Bucks (Click Here to add funds to your account).

In addition to the functional movement evaluation, you will receive a wellness assessment, a list of corrective exercises to improve functional movement weaknesses and a free follow up evaluation.


How do I register?

Schedule your functional movement assessment by emailing Keith at Paperwork will be required prior to the appointment.


Keith O’Connor

Health Fitness Coordinator
Phone: 475-4332

Nikki Horton

Health Fitness Specialist
Phone: 475-4332