Fitness Coaching & Program Design

Fitness Center Orientation (30 minutes)

Meet with one of our health fitness specialists and learn how to safely and effectively utilize the exercise machines.  You will be taught everything from adjusting the seats, pads and weights to proper movement technique.  Whether you want to work out at the Weidman Fitness Center or at the Better Me Fitness Center, let us help you feel more confident on the strength & cardio equipment.  All orientation participants will receive a basic fitness plan.  There is no cost for the weight room orientation.

Student Life Center Tour (30 minutes)

Meet with a Better Me fitness specialist and take an educational walk through the Student Life Center.  Learn about the vast wellness resources available to SLC members and how to rent recreational equipment, towels, lockers and more. There is no cost for the SLC tour.

Fitness Plan Design (2x 30 minute sessions)

Meet with a Better Me health and fitness specialist to review your current fitness plan and to organize your activity for better results.  The fitness plan design is ideal for people that are motivated and disciplined with exercise but are looking to 'level up' a routine, organize current activity or create a more efficient workout schedule.  There is a 45.00 per hour fee for fitness plan design.

Functional Movement Assessment (30 minutes)

Schedule a screening with a health fitness specialist to evaluate your joint range of motion, muscle balance and functional movement.  Participants will receive a functional movement score (as a baseline for improvement) and a list of corrective exercises to develop safe and pain free movement.  The balance and movement screening is ideal for anyone experiencing pain or discomfort from daily activity and people concerned about muscle imbalances.  There is a $30 one-time fee for the Functional Movement Assessment.

Wellness Assessment (30 minutes)

Schedule a basic assessment with a health fitness specialist to evaluate your current health status and to monitor personal improvements.  Measurements include body weight, body composition, blood pressure, waist circumference and hip circumference.  There is no cost for this service.  

Personalized Fitness Training (30 to 60 minutes)

Personalized fitness training is an all-inclusive wellness experience with a Better Me health fitness specialist.  The program begins with a basic assessment and goal setting consultation.  Participants then meet regularly with a health fitness specialist for one-on-one or small group fitness coaching.  Participants will also receive a balance and movement screening, a weekly fitness plan, a personalized strength training program, simple nutrtion guidance and positive accountability.  There is an hourly fee for this service.  More information about pricing can be found HERE.


Fitness Coaching and Program Design

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