Blue365: Adding even more value to your Excellus BlueCross BlueShield membership

Blue365 is an online destination for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield members, featuring healthy deals and discounts that make it easier and more affordable to make healthy choices.


Blue365 includes offers from selected companies based on feedback from Blue365 members and independent researchers in four main categories:

  • Fitness: Save on membership, monthly fees and other services at Healthways, Snap Fitness, Polar®, and Reebok®.
  • Healthy Eating: Save on programs, products and consultations at Jenny Craig®, eDiets®, Dole®, and Nutrisystem®.
  • Living: Save on services from H&R Block®.
  • Personal Care: Save on products and services from: Beltone®, True Hearing®, Davis Vision®, QualSight LASIK® and LasikPlus®


Blue365 is free to Excellus BlueCross BlueShield members. Members pay vendors directly for any services they select. Services are offered at significant discounts because Blue365 is backed by the buying power of the 39 independent Blue Cross and/ or Blue Shield Plans and their 100 million members. This buying power enables us to negotiate significant discounts and pass the savings on to our members.


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