Pathways to Success

Pursuit of Healthy Living

Pathways to Success is a program for faculty and staff who are currently enrolled in or recently completed a lifestyle weight management program such as PATH, Weight Watchers or Prevent Diabetes. This program is for individuals who need to lose more weight or need support to stay on track with their healthy habits. With this program you will learn how to set small goals to help you achieve your wellness vision.


Classes will be led by an experienced wellness coach who has successfully helped faculty and staff to lose weight and improve their overall health.


In a classroom setting you will be held accountable and exchange positive encouragement with like-minded individuals who are also trying to stay on target with their healthy habits. This program will help you improve your overall health and mental well-being and inspire you to try new approaches to wellness.


There is NO FEE for this program. A stress reducing chair massage from Peace Partners will be offered to those who attend all 6 meetings.


Employee Testimonials

"I had someone to talk to that I could rely on and provide me with helpful information"
"In my opinion the continual coaching, advisement and feedback I received from the health fitness specialist and personal trainer is priceless! I am extremely grateful for their knowledge, patience and professionalism. I highly recommend both of them to anyone who seriously wants to make the effort and the steps necessary to make these changes."



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Susan Grace

Health Nutrition Coordinator
Phone: 475-7386