Wellness Coaching

Our team of health fitness specialists (HFS) is key to our wellness initiatives on campus. Each HFS is a credentialed, highly trained professional focused on the health and well-being of all faculty and staff.

One-on-one in an in-person or virtual setting, Better Me specialists systematically and continuously reach out to individuals according to their personal needs. Through this private interactive process, your HFS can develop a personalized wellness action plan by getting familiar with your background, goals, strengths and weaknesses.  Better Me specialists strive to establish trust and act as a catalyst for healthy living and improved health. 



Keith O’Connor

Health Fitness Coordinator
Email: kmopsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-4332

Susan Grace

Health Nutrition Coordinator
Email: smfpsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-7386

Nikki Horton

Health Fitness Specialist
Email: nlhpsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-4332