Wellness Coaching

Our team of health fitness specialists (HFS) is key to our wellness initiatives on campus. Each HFS is a credentialed, highly trained professional focused on the health and well-being of all faculty and staff.

One-on-one and face-to-face, this team systematically and continuously reaches out to individuals according to their personal needs. Through this private interactive process, your HFS can develop a wellness action plan by getting to know your individual needs. The team strives to establish trust and acts as a catalyst for healthy lifestyles and improved health. Each HFS is assigned buildings/work locations and is regularly available for screenings and private consultations.

Who’s My Coach?

Each health fitness specialist is assigned a campus building to service. Please see our list of building assignments to see which health fitness specialist is assigned to your area. To schedule an appointment, please email your health fitness specialist directly.


James Dickinson

Health Fitness Specialist
Email: jcdpsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-2676

Keith O’Connor

Health Fitness Coordinator
Email: kmopsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-4332

Susan Grace

Health Nutrition Coordinator
Email: smfpsn@rit.edu
Phone: 475-7386