Title IX includes:
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Violence
  • Stalking
  • Dating and Domestic Violence


RIT Title IX Sexual Misconduct Response

If an incident of sexual misconduct occurs, the following options and resources are available to you

add_box   I Need Immediate Assistance

  • Contact Public Safety

Call (585) 475-3333 or Text (585) 205-8333

  • Go to Strong Memorial Hospital

Area Safe Center

  • Go to Studnet Health Center


  • Contact CARES - Campus Adcovavy Response & Support

Call (585) 295-3533

content_paste   I Want to Report an Incident

  • Contact  the Title IX Coordinator

or a Deputy Coordinator, or file a report online

  • Contact Public Safety

Call (585) 475-3333 or Text (585) 205-8333

  • Tell any Responsible Employee


add_box    I want to report but want to remain Anonymous

  • Contact RIT Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Call (585) 294-9358 

Anonymous reporting is available through the RIT Ethics and Compliance Hotline. The hotline is independently operated to maintain the anonymity of all reporters. You may submit a report via the secure ethics reporting website or by calling (866) 294-9358 or (866) 294-9572 TTY. This hotline can be used for either direct or anonymous reporting.

Submit an Anonymous Report

RIT's Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Please note that RIT’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline is not intended to replace or supersede any existing reporting methods or protocols; furthermore, it is not to be used to report matters related to health, fire, or safety emergencies, or personnel issues other than harassment or discrimination, or academic matters.

lock   I Want Confidential Support

Visit a Confidential Office

  • RIT Counseling Center

Call (585) 475-2261
Call (585) 475-6897(TTY)

  • RIT Student Health Center

Call (585) 475-7764 (V / TTY)

  • RIT Center for Woman and Gender

Call (585) 475-2255

  • RIT Ombuds Office

Call (585) 475-7200
Call (585) 475-2876

  • Center for Religious Life

Call (585) 475-2137

  • NTID Counseling & Advising Services

Call (585) 475-6400