SPARC Training Manual

The Sponsored Programs Accounting & Regulatory Certification (SPARC) training program is specifically designed for department administrators and other staff who provide direct post award fiscal and administrative support of sponsored projects to Principal Investigators. The program is designed to familiarize RIT employees with the “how-to’s” of accounting for sponsored projects, including basic accounting and compliance terminology. Employees who perform administrative and financial functions for sponsored projects will benefit from the concepts addressed in this series. Workshops are held throughout the academic year on these topics. 



Revision Date

Table of Contents April 2016
I. Introduction to Accounting for Grants and Contracts April 2016

II. Other Direct Costs

June 2017

III. Compensation & Effort Reporting for Grants and Contracts

April 2016

IV. Accounting for Cost Share Commitments

April 2016

V. Audits and Compliance

April 2016
Glossary April 2016