How to Access Oracle

This section contains complete information about how to access the Oracle Self-Service and the Oracle Financial Applications.

  1. How to Access Your Oracle Home Page (for all RIT Employees)
    • Provides complete instructions about accessing the Oracle URL from on-campus and off-campus locations.
    • Also read section II.
  2. How to Access the Oracle Self-Service Applications (for all RIT Employees)
    • Before attempting to access the Self-Service Applications, read Section I.
    • Provides details about accessing the RIT Employee Self-Service and RIT Workflow User responsibilities.
  3. How to Access the Oracle Financial Applications (for RIT Employees who use the Oracle Financial Applications; not required for Employee Self-Service)
    • Before attempting to access the Oracle Financial Applications, read Section I
    • Provides details about accessing responsibilities within the Oracle Financial applications including GL Journal Entry, Purchasing Requestor, and Reporting & Inquiry.
    • Follow-steps in section I.
  4. How to Access Excel templates created using Web ADI in Oracle and saved for future use.