Distribution Reports

The Payroll Distribution report provides detail of payroll transactions to assist with the reconciliation of department and project statements. The "Payroll Distribution Report within Dept RIT" sorts by department and provides payroll detail by employee for each pay period included in the requested date range. The "Payroll Distribution Report within Project RIT" provides the same information but sorts by project which makes it easier to use for reconciling grant and other project statements.

To gain access to the Payroll Distribution reports fill out a General Ledger Security Access form and return it to Accounting for processing. When completing this form, note in the  check off the "RIT - GL - Reporting, Inquiry & Payroll" responsibility and list the department numbers you want to access. The head of each of the departments listed must approve the form in order for you to be given access to that department's payroll detail.

Printing Payroll Distribution Reports

  1. Sign-on to your Reporting, Inquiry & Payroll responsibility
  2. Open "Payroll Reports" from your Navigator screen.

    Payroll Reports

  3. The Submit a New Request screen opens. Select the "Single Request" option and click the "OK" button.
  4. The Run RIT Payroll Distribution Request screen will open. Click on the LOV field located to the right of the "Name" field.
    • From the run window you can either select to run 'Payroll Distribution Report within Dept. RIT' or 'Payroll Distribution Report within Project RIT'. The Payroll Distribution within department will give you all of the charges to a specific department(s) in object code order. The payroll Distribution within project will give you all of the charges to a specific project(s) in department, and object code order.
  5. The Report screen comes into view. Click on "Payroll Distribution Report within Dept RIT"
    1. Click on the "OK" button
    2. The Parameters screen will appear, fill in the following fields: 
      "From Date" DD-MMM-YYYY 
      "To Date" DD-MMM-YYYY 
      "From Dept" ##### 
      "To Dept" #####
    • You need to enter the first day of the month and the last day of the month in order for the report to include all of the payroll charges for the month.
  6. Click the "OK" button


  7. In the "Submit Request" screen click on the "Options" button to print the report or e-mail it to someone.
    1. To send an e-mail notification select the employee from the list of values in the "Name" field within the "Notify the following People:" section on the "Upon Completion" screen.
    2. Repeat for as many employees that you want to e-mail.
    3. To print select a printer from the list of values in the "Printer" field and the number of copies within the "Print the Output To:" section on the "Upon Completion" screen.
      • Due to the sensitive nature of these reports make sure that the printout is not left unattended in a non-secure printer.
    4. Repeat for as many printers as you need.
    5. Click on the "OK" button. The Submit Requests screen reappears.
  8. Click on the "Submit" button.

    Upon Completion

  9. To view the status of the request click on the "View" menu and select "Requests."
  10. Click on the "Find" button on the "Find Requests" screen that opens. The "Requests" screen opens with your request id highlighted in blue.
  11. When the phase and status are "Completed" and "Normal" you can view the report online by clicking the "View Output" button. Your report will display on the screen for you to view.
  12. Submit a new request from the "Requests" screen by clicking on the "Submit a New Request" button.

    Request Screen

  13. You can copy a previous request by clicking on the "Copy" button in the "Submit Request" screen.
  14. When you copy a previous request you can change the parameters (period, segment override, etc.) by clicking in the "Parameters" field.
  15. If you have any questions contact the Payroll Department at ext. 55580 or via email at payroll@rit.edu.