Fixed Benefit Rates - FY 2007

Six benefit rates have been submitted for to the US Department of Health and Human Services, RIT's cognizant federal agency, for fiscal year 2007. The rates are based upon prior year's actual benefit expenses, as well as anticipated rate increases for certain benefits during the current fiscal year. Refer to information on the next page to determine which salary types are included in each salary pool.

The following benefit rates are in effect from 7/1/2006 - 6/30/2007.

Salary Pool FY 2006 Fringe Rate
RIT Full-time & Part-time Regular 31.4%
RIT Part-time Other 8.3%
NTID Full-time & Part-time Regular 34.6%
NTID Part-time Other 9.8%
Government Full-time Regular 28.6%
Government Part-time Other 8.5%
  • All benefits are included in the RIT and NTID full-time rates, including employee and dependent tuition waivers.
  • Since part-time regular employees (20 or more hours per week) are entitled to receive many of the same benefits as regular full time employees, the full-time benefit rate is applied.
  • The Government rates apply to employees (both RIT and NTID) whose salaries are charged to federal and state government grants and contracts. The full-time rate does not include dependent tuition waivers, since they are an unallowable expense (OMB A-21).
  • The RIT full-time rate is applied to employees in the full-time rate pool whose salaries are charged to private grants and contracts.

The benefit rates are renegotiated with the federal government periodically based upon actual benefit expenses incurred in a prior fiscal year. Any difference between the calculated rate and the actual cost for the base period will be reflected in the new rate. For example, if actual expenses incurred in fiscal years 2006 and 2007 are less than the estimated amount, the rate for the following two fiscal years (2008 & 2009) may be lower.

Each month, after all payrolls for the period have been posted to the general ledger, Accounting runs a process to calculate total benefit expenses (total wages paid to all employees, by department, in each salary pool multiplied by the appropriate fringe benefit rate). This amount is charged to each department's "benefits-pooled expenses", object code 72050, and is reflected on the monthly department statement or project statement.

When processing journal entries to move salary expenses from one department to another, do not move benefit expenses. When the benefit allocation is run during the month-end closing process, the benefit expense will be recalculated based upon the total salary expenses for the period.

Salary Types Groupings for Benefit Rate Calculation

Full-time Rate Pool

Both RIT (31.4% rate) & NTID (34.6% rate)

Object Code Full-Time Salary Description
70050 Admin/Professional
70100 Academic Admin (Ranked Faculty)
70150 Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty
70250 Educational Development Faculty
70300 Visiting Faculty Full-time
70325 Non-Tenure Track Faculty
70350 Post Doctoral Professional
70450 Technical, Clerical, Secretarial
70500 Maintenance, Food Service & Security
70600 Regular Admin/Professional Part-Time
70610 Hourly Part-Time Admin/Prof - Salaries
70650 Visiting Faculty Part-Time
70750 Technical, Clerical, Secretarial Part-time
70800 Maintenance, Food Service & Security Part-time
70820 Ext P/T Hourly Admin/Prof - Salaries
70825 Extended Part-time Salaried Admin/Prof - Salaries
70830 Extended Part-Time Visiting Faculty
70835 Extended Part-Time Educational Development
70840 Extended Part-Time Technical, Clerical, Secretarial
70845 Extended Part-Time Maintenance, Food Service, Security

Note: the Government rate (28.6%) will be applied to RIT & NTID employee salary expenses in the full-time rate pool charged to federal and state funded grants and contracts.

Part-time Rate Pool

RIT (8.3%), NTID (9.8%), Grants (8.5%)

Object Code Part-time Salary Description
70400 Adjunct Faculty
70550 Faculty Summer
70555 NTID Overload
70700 Educational Development Faculty
70850 Temporary Professional
70900 Regular Professional Staff Special Assignment
70925 Faculty Special Assignment
70950 Regular Hourly Special Assignment
71000 Temporary Hourly
71010 Living Allowance - Salaries
71020 Telecomm Allowance - Salaries
71100 Interns-Non-RIT Students

Student Employees

Both RIT (0%) & NTID (0%)

Object Code Student Salary Description
71250 Student
71350 Federal Work Study
71450 On-Campus Community Service FWS
71400 Off-Campus Community Service FWS
71300 Co-op
71050 Interns-RIT Students
71150 Graduate Assistant
71200 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant