Spending Policy

Pool I – The University has a policy of appropriating for distribution each year 5% of its endowment fund’s average fair value over the prior 20 quarters through March of the preceding fiscal year in which the distribution is planned. The total spending distribution should be at least equal to 3.50% but not greater than 5.25% of the beginning of year portfolio market value. The distribution excludes those funds with deficiencies due to unfavorable market fluctuations.

Accordingly, over the long term, the University expects the current spending policy to allow its endowment to grow at a rate exceeding expected inflation, consistent with the University’s objective to maintain the purchasing power of the endowment assets held in perpetuity or for a specified term as well as to provide additional real growth through new gifts and investment return.

Pool II – Federal guidelines authorize a spending distribution from Pool II of not more than 50% of current year’s investment income (interest and dividends only).