Summer Salary Charged to Grants and Contracts

Summer Salary Charged to Grants and Contracts EAF/Worksheet Instructions

The Summer Salary Employee Action Form (EAF) is used to calculate summer salary payments for faculty members who are receiving summer salary charged to grants/contracts during the summer session. The worksheet will automatically calculate the payment amount based on the faculty member’s AY contract for the current academic year, the percentage of effort, and the period of time the work will be performed.

  1. Use the 2022 Summer Salary EAF.
  2. Complete all fields shaded in orange that pertain to the faculty member receiving summer salary.
    • AY Contract choose the appropriate faculty appointment.
    • AY Salary input the faculty member's AY salary. 
    • Max Summer Salary calculates the maximum amount the faculty member may receive during the summer.
    • Max Summer Salary (Sponsored Projects) calculates the maximum amount the faculty member may receive if receiving summer salary from sponsored project sources (90% of max summer salary).
    • Has this faculty member submitted additional summer salary payments for Summer? If yes, please include the amount previously submitted. 
  3. Oracle Account Number – Complete the full 24 digit Oracle account number for the sponsored project or departmental account with allocated effort. The Oracle RIT Employee/Adjunct Payment Entry System cross-validates account numbers, so it is important the information is accurate prior to entering online.
    • Summer salary is charged to object code 70550: Faculty Summer Salaries.
  4. Start/End Dates – Select the appropriate start/end dates that the time of work to be performed falls between.
    • Start/End Date corresponds to the semi-monthly pay period start/end dates during the summer session.
    • If the dates in which the work is to be performed do not match the given start/end date choices, select the start/end dates the work will fall within.
  5. Percent (%) Effort – Complete the percentage of effort to be allocated to each sponsored project and/or departmental account within the start/end dates you selected in the step above.
    • The actual amount paid is based on the percentage of effort expended by the faculty member during the summer session.
    • A faculty member working on sponsored projects may receive a maximum of 90% of their maximum summer salary. 
      • RIT faculty charging more than 90% effort to sponsored projects must complete the Plan of Work form. The form must be approved by the faculty member's department head, dean, the VP of Research, and the Sponsored Programs Accounting Executive Director.
        • This is required as a result of the federal government becoming increasingly more stringent enforcing requirements regarding summer salary for faculty working on federally sponsored projects. Federal audit activity at other research institutions has prompted us to evaluate the current practice of allowing faculty to charge 100% summer salary to sponsored projects. RIT’s policies and procedures are designed to ensure the university and faculty members are safeguarded from potential non-compliance and reputational risks. 
          Note: this is not typical as most individuals would have responsibilities other than research during the summer session.
      • NSF Awards Only – NSF limits salary compensation for senior project personnel to no more than two months of regular salary in one year, including salary compensation received from all NSF-funded grants.  Please see below for additional information.
  6. Contract Amount – This represents the payment amount to be allocated to the specific sponsored project or departmental account. This will be the amount you will enter in the Oracle RIT Employee/Adjunct Payment Entry System. Note: This is an automatically calculated field on the EAF.
    • PI Signature/Approval – The PI on the sponsored project MUST approve the information, without PI approval SPA will not approve the summer salary payment. Note: If the PI or department head is the one receiving the summer salary payment, their supervisor must approve as well.
      • Online - You do not need to obtain the PI’s signature on the paper form. The online summer salary EAF will be routed electronically for PI and SPA approval.
      • Paper - Please collect appropriate signatures for each account. All sponsored projects must have PI approval for each award and be forwarded to SPA for approval. SPA will forward to HR for processing.
    • ​​The form will automatically calculate the maximum allowable amounts per summer month (May 16.67%, June 33.33%,  July 33.33%, August 16.67%% of max Summer Salary). An error will be generated if this amount is exceeded. 
    • The faculty member's home department should prepare all summer salary payments, regardless of the source of funding. 
    • Send completed form to SPA Rep for approval.