Travel - Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared the following information in response to Frequently Asked Questions regarding business travel. If you have questions that we haven't answered here, or in the RIT Travel Policy & Procedure Manual, please contact Accounts Payable/Travel at ext. 5-7221. The Travel Policy and Procedure Manual and Travel Forms are located on the Controller's Office web page at

Question 1: I traveled to a state that recognizes RIT's sales tax exemption but the vendor would not honor the tax-exempt form. What should I do?

When you complete your Travel Expense Report, indicate on the appropriate receipt that you attempted to use the tax exemption, but the vendor refused it. We will reimburse you for the sales tax expense.

Question 2: Why is the limit for travel advances only $50.00 per day?

We encourage all travelers to use either a JPMC Travel Card (RIT employees) or a Citibank Government Travel Card (NTID employees) to cut down on the need for cash while traveling.

Question 3: How far in advance should I request a travel advance?

The Invoice Payment Form should be received in Accounting at least 5 days before you leave for your trip. Be sure to include a Travel Expense Report number on the Invoice Payment Form. (Use the number from the form that you'll be using to be reimbursed for your expenses). If you use the on-line form from the Controller's web page, please call ext. 5-7221 to obtain a number. Accounting needs this information in order to process the travel advance.

Question 4: Where do I pick up the check for my advance?

You may pick up your check from Student Financial Services (GEM-1st floor).

Question 6: Why can't I use my Procurement Card to pay for hotel and car rental expenses?

The RIT Procurement Card is for small dollar purchases, under $1,500 per transaction, not including travel related expenses. Use your JPMC Travel Card (RIT employees) or your Citibank Government Travel Card (NTID employees) for hotel and car rental expenses.

Question 7: I want to buy my airline tickets directly from the Internet? Is it possible to do this?

CWT, RIT's designated travel agency, offers an online booking tool for use by RIT employees.

Question 8: What does Accounts Payable look for when they review my travel expense report?

Accounting reviews the following items:

  • Are there 2 signatures (requestor and approver) on the travel expense form?
  • Are there original receipts provided for all expenditures?
  • If airfare was booked through CWT, was it paid on the Business Travel Account?
  • Was sales tax paid?
  • Is the business purpose clearly stated (for hospitality, or items listed as 'other')?
  • If alcohol was purchased, is it charged to the "government unallowable charges" line?
  • Were all RIT policies and procedures regarding travel adhered to?
Question 9: I am going to charge my travel to a research grant. Since the sponsor is paying for my travel, do I still have to follow RIT's Travel Policies?

RIT Travel Policies apply to all business travel, included travel funded by external sources. In addition, all grant-funded travel expense reports are fully reviewed to ensure compliance with sponsor guidelines.

Question 10: Can my travel reimbursements be deposited directly to my bank account?

YES! This is actually the preferred method for all employee reimbursements. Fill out the Direct Deposit Form for A/P, attach a voided check and return it to Accounts Payable. Once you are set up with direct deposit through A/P, all advance and reimbursement checks will be deposited directly to your bank.

Question 11: If my trip is longer than 7 days, how do I fill out the Travel Expense Report?

Use more than one form, label each page (i.e. page 1 of 3, page 2 of 3, etc) and total all expenses on the final page. Do NOT total each page.

Question 12: There is only room for one account number on the bottom of the Travel Expense Report. If a different department gives me an advance towards my trip, how do I account for it?

List the advance in Section C and add additional lines at the bottom of the Travel Expense Report with each account number and corresponding dollar total.