Creating an Engaged Work Environment, Session #2: Support and Communication

Creating an Engaged Work Environment

An engaged work environment is one that values and maximizes employee contributions.  Engaged environments invite new ideas, promote creativity and conversation and enable the organization, and its employees to become “Best in Class.” Commitment from the manager is the first step in building this environment and it is their responsibility to continuously work with their employees to sustain it.

This course is separated into two separate sessions.  Participation is recommended in both sessions, and most beneficial if completed sequentially.  Information on session #2 is below; session #1, Creating Meaningful Connections to Work is available on a separate page.

Seats in these sessions are limited to managers who have direct reports.

Creating an Engaged Work Environment, Session #2: Support and Communication

An engaged work environment consists of different attributes and characteristics.  This session details what an open, safe respectful work environment looks like and the important role that communication plays.  Discussion includes communication techniques that enable authentic dialogue, and promote ongoing, constructive feedback, as well as healthy conflict management skills.  Class activities help managers apply these strategies and encourage positive, solution focused conversations with their employees.

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Facilitator Information: 

This session is facilitated by the RIT Human Resource Department.

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