Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks (lynda.com)

Excel expert Dennis Taylor helps Excel 2016 users take their spreadsheet skills to the next level with this collection of tips and tricks. He begins with his top 10 productivity boosters, and then highlights navigation, display, and selection techniques to keep you moving quickly.

The course then dives into data entry and editing techniques, formatting and drag-and-drop tricks, keyboard shortcuts for working with formulas, data management strategies, and chart tricks. Short on time? Make sure to check out the "10 Tiny Tips" chapter for a quick productivity boost.

Topics include:
  • Entering today's date or time instantly
  • Converting formulas to values with a simple drag
  • Undoing and redoing with keyboard commands
  • Accessing the Ribbon from the keyboard
  • Creating split screens fast
  • Navigating in workbooks quickly
  • Selecting noncontiguous ranges
  • Entering data more efficiently
  • Dragging and dropping data
  • Performing calculations without formulas
  • Applying formatting with keyboard shortcuts
  • Using database techniques to work with Excel data
  • Working with charts, shapes, and linked images