Google+ for Business (

Develop, implement, and optimize a winning Google+ presence for your business, in these tutorials with marketing expert Anson Alexander. Anson explains why Google+ is so crucial to businesses and then shows all the components that go into setting up a great Google+ business page.

Learn about this social media platform's unique conventions, including Google+ circles, communities, Events, and Hangouts, and then find out how to develop engaging posts. Anson also shows how to measure visibility and engagement to determine your brand's audience, and then maximize exposure with rich media, branded vanity URLs, YouTube integration, and more.

Topics include:

  • How Google+ will help your business
  • Creating a Google+ account and business page
  • Understanding circles and Hangouts
  • Sharing posts
  • Interacting with Google+ comments
  • Using Google+ Insights
  • Managing reviews
  • Connecting to a YouTube account