Internet and Game Addiction: Do You Know the Signs?

With the rise of internet, gaming, and social media use and the availability of connected devices at our finger tips, there has been an increase in Internet and Video Game addiction throughout our society, and more specifically in teenage and college aged adults.  Many studies show that adolescents and adults are more likely be become addicted to these video games and often play on a daily basis.

Is technology at the forefront of your degree program?  Have you noticed changes in sleep schedules with your students?  Do you see a change in appearance with your students?  Have you noticed your students withdrawing from friends or not attending classes frequently?  These might be indicators of a student with an addiction.  Could that addiction be an Internet or Video Game addiction?

In this presentation we will discuss the warning signs of an Internet or Video Game addicted student, ways to guide them through their academic curriculum, resources for Advisors, students, and families, and how to better advise these students.

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Facilitator Information: 

Christina Rohr, Senior Academic Advisor,, 585-475-4961