Lean Six Sigma: “White Belt in Team Performance”

Lean Six Sigma is a simple problem-solving methodology that uncovers hidden costs and improves productivity.  “Lean,” means striving to eliminate the seven non valued costs in order to shorten cycle times.  “Six Sigma” means applying the DMAIC approach to ensure that the customer’s needs are met the first time.  Both Lean and Six Sigma results in delivering high quality support services for students, parents and employees.  Typically, Lean Six Sigma is applied to a manufacturing setting.  This workshop transfers the methodology to our university environment including our academic culture and customer service setting at RIT.

The White Belt designation is typically the first level of quality improvement achievements.  Participants can use the knowledge gained in this workshop as a great first step for advancing to the next level, “Yellow Belt.”  The Center for Quality and Applied Statistics (CQAS) at RIT.  Additional Information on this and other available programs can be found on this site.

In this session, work teams work together to learn and apply Lean Six Sigma standards, and the DMAIC model to a specific project they are working on. Teams are asked to submit project details prior to the session and will need to bring project information with them to the session. Upon registration, a project planning guide will be provided to begin preparing your project for this learning process.

Successful completion of this workshop, results in receiving the certificate, “White Belt in Academic Services” The White Belt designation signifies that the participant has demonstrated proficiency in applying the DMAIC to a team project.  This certificate is established in accordance with the accreditation guidelines under the American National Standards Institute.

Upon successful conclusion of this course, participants will earn a fully credited White Belt in Lean Six Sigma. 

Participation in the session is open to managers and project leaders along with their teams; (limit of 4 people/team.)

Session Information:

New sessions to be announced.

To register your team for this session, please contact The Center for Professional Development, 5-5313.

This class can be customized for private sessions; fees apply.