Mac OS X El Capitan Tips and Tricks (

Mac OS X is designed to be elegant and easy to use, but there are hidden features and productivity-boosting shortcuts that even Mac pros can miss. Get Mac tips to help you become a better, more efficient user of Mac OS X El Capitan. Nick Brazzi offers handy tips and tricks for customizing Finder and Spotlight. He shows how to type hands-free with voice dictation and how to let your Mac read to you with Text to Speech. He also covers managing and securing files, recording video in QuickTime, and optimizing performance by finding more space on your hard drive and identifying the source of slowdowns.

Topics include:
  • Dragging files from one application to another
  • Using the Dictation and Text to Speech features
  • Printing to PDF
  • Customizing Finder windows
  • Securing files with encrypted disk images
  • Recording audio and video with QuickTime
  • Using the Activity Monitor to troubleshoot performance issues