Managing Change Effectively

Nearly all organizations (large and small) go through some kind of change effort every few years. Sometimes these changes take the form of mergers and acquisitions, but even smaller internal restructurings can be incredibly disruptive. In many cases, these efforts to improve the bottom line have a negative impact on morale, productivity, and trust. If this rings true for your situation, you will profoundly benefit from this program.


In this program we will explore:


  • Why trust is often destroyed in change efforts and how this can be prevented.
  • Why top management usually over values the benefits and grossly underestimates the costs.
  • A model on how to improve the process to provide equal energy to culture issues and financial issues.
  • Seven ways management can improve the results of a change.


Participants will benefit from this program through an understanding of the mistakes that result in a high mortality rate for change programs along with the antidotes. They will recognize how the situation is not hopeless – there are pragmatic actions, even in the most challenging times, that place leaders on a path to higher trust and transparency during a transition. 


Description provided by Bob Whipple

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Facilitator Information: 

Bob Whipple - MBA, CPLP

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