SPARC Workshop 2: Other Direct Costs

This second workshop in the SPARC series has been developed to provide attendees with information about direct costs (other than labor) most commonly charged to sponsored projects. Topics covered in the workshop will include:

  • how to distinguish between subcontractors and independent contractors and then, what paperwork is required
  • understanding what participant support costs are
  • how to process payments to human subjects
  • how to track capital equipment purchases and fabricated equipment parts
  • processing travel reimbursement including what's allowable and what's not

Upon completion, attendees will have an understanding of the types of costs that can be directly charged to sponsored projects and the procedures that are in place to process these expenditures including which forms to use and signatory/approval requirements.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that employees attend Accounting Practices, Procedures & Protocol Workshop I: Introduction to Accounting and Workshop 4: Accounts Payable Processes. To obtain the SPARC, employees must first complete the required workshops in Track I - Accounting Practices, Procedures and Protocol series and attend Workshop I: Introduction to Accounting for Grants and Contracts in the SPARC series.

Due to limited seating, registration is restricted to participants who are currently working with a grant or contract.

If you require interpreting services, please contact as soon as possible.

Facilitator Information: 

This session is supported by the RIT Accounting Department.

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