SPARC Workshop 3: Compensation and Effort Reporting

In this workshop attendees will learn which labor costs are allowable on grants and contracts and how to complete the required paperwork to properly record these charges. Topics covered in the workshop will include:

  • completing and approving Employee Action Forms (EAF) for labor costs charged to sponsored projects
  • calculating allowable summer salary expenses
  • calculating and certifying percent of effort
  • how to compensate student workers including graduate assistants

Examples and exercises will provide participants with hands-on experience about how to calculate effort and how to complete the required forms appropriately. Frequently asked questions and emerging issues regarding sponsor regulations and compliance related to effort will be discussed.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that employees attend Accounting Practices, Procedures & Protocol Workshop I: Introduction to Accounting and Workshop VI: Payroll Processes. To obtain the SPARC, employees must first complete the required workshops in Track I - Accounting Practices, Procedures and Protocol series and attend Workshop I: Introduction to Accounting for Grants and Contracts and Workshop II: Other Direct Costs in the SPARC series.

If you require interpreting services, please contact as soon as possible.

Facilitator Information: 

This session is supported by the RIT Accounting Department.

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