The CPD has bundled courses together to offer several series that guide faculty and staff in their professional development. In some cases certificates are available for completing a series.

Series offered through CPD

Bridges is a competency-based training program, designed to help impart knowledge, awareness, and skills regarding diversity, and that also enhance inclusive behavior for the faculty, staff, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants of the RIT community.

The program offers four certificates that are designed to enhance work-related skills at the university. The four certificates are:

Certificate #1: Group Communications: Inclusive Approaches

Certificate #2: Group Dynamics and Diversity

Certificate #3: Ally Development

Certificate #4: Sustainability and Social Change

Certificate #5:  Unconscious Bias

Each certificate requires completion of two introductory core programs, and also the three basic programs which comprise each content area.  Both introductory core programs and all three components of programs must be completed to receive one of the certificates. 

Each class is supported by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and facilitated by Mike D’Arcangelo, Director of Diversity Education, along with other faculty and staff from within the university.

The classes are based on a variety of information and assessments that have been designed to reflect the interests, professional growth, and challenges of the RIT community. 

Each class contributes to the development of a conceptual base and skill that fosters common language and culture for all members of the university. 

Learning outcomes are based on upon the concepts in The Framework for Inclusive Excellence and the “Intercultural Competence Value Rubric” model created by the American Association of College and Universities.

The “Grab n’ Go” series provides attendees with information on various topics related to work, personal success and goal-setting. These succinct, one-hour courses provide strategies that can be immediately applied on the job. Many of these courses feature experts from outside RIT who provide fresh ideas. We hope you can attend multiple sessions throughout the series to fill your toolkit. 

Oracle is the University's financial and human resource platform for all transactions and databases. This series of three classes is very important to new faculty and staff who have budget development/operations and/or purchasing responsibility.

The following classes are designed for new Oracle users or those who need a refresher course for basic applications in the general ledger and purchasing.  Seats in these sessions are limited to those who use Oracle within their current position.

The Center for Professional Development and the University Advising Office have collaborated with the RIT Advisors Council to offer an exciting series of professional development workshops for faculty and staff with advising responsibilities. These workshops will offer interactive opportunities to learn more about our students and RIT services to better support our advisees. All workshops will be facilitated by RIT professionals with expertise in the workshop topics.

Enrollment in the sessions in this series is open to RIT faculty and staff who have advising roles and responsibilities.

Workshop Link
Workshop 1 Building an Advising Relationship
Workshop 2 *FERPA and Records Management for Advisors
Workshop 3 Understanding the Needs of First Generation and Low Income College Students
Workshop 4 Strategies for Enhancing Multicultural Advising
Workshop 5 Study Abroad for Academic Advisors
Workshop 6 Academic Advising with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Workshop 7 Supporting Students on a Continuum of Academic Success
Workshop 8

Non-Registered Student Outreach Project Training

Workshop 9

Mental Health and College Students: What's an Advisor To Do?

Workshop 10

Early Alert Session for Instructors and Advisors

Workshop 11

Advising Student Athletes: A Creative Cross-departmental Team Approach

Workshop 12

Self-Awareness & Motivation in Students having Academic Difficulties

Workshop 13

Safe Zone Training for Advisors

Workshop 14

Understanding Processes and Procedures of the Disability Services Office

Workshop 15

Supporting RIT Students on the Autism Spectrum

Workshop 16

Understanding Students: Insights from Student Development Theory (Part I) 

Workshop 17

Internet and Game Addiction: Do You Know the Signs? 

Workshop 18

Supporting our Veteran Students

Workshop 19

Working with Undecided and Re-Deciding Students: What works best?

Workshop 20

Advisors, Parents and Students Working Together

Workshop 21

The Basics of Reading, Understanding, and Interpreting Advising Reports to Support Student Success

Workshop 22

RIT's General Education Curriculum

Workshop 23 Using Twitter for Advisor Professional Development
Workshop 24 Student Motivation
Workshop 25 Building Our Relational Toolkit: Confidently Approaching Uncertain Conversations 
Workshop 26

Appreciative Advising

Workshop 27

Identifying and Assisting Students in Distress


*Advisors who complete FERPA and Records Management for Advisors and four additional sessions of their choice will receive a certificate of recognition for their commitment towards professional development in advising.

This series is designed to familiarize employees with RIT accounting and budget practices, procedures and protocol, as well as with basic accounting terminology used at RIT.

Workshop topics include the chart of account structure; the budget process; understanding journal entries, transfers and chargebacks; accounts payable and payroll processes; accounting for fixed assets and capital projects; using Oracle standard and fsg reports and reconciling monthly statements; purchasing; travel and procurement card processes; accounting for grants and contracts, accounting for gifts and other project income and expenses; purchasing processes and procedure; and, completing accounting and payroll forms. Employees who perform financial functions, including travel and procurement card administration, as part of their role at RIT will benefit from the concepts taught in the series. The program will be presented by RIT subject matter experts in a series of thirteen workshops conducted throughout the academic year. Employees who attend all required workshops in the Accounting Series will receive a certificate of completion. Required courses are bolded.

Note: *All workshops include information that will benefit RIT employees who work at NTID.

Also note: **There are new requirements for the certificate.


Workshop I
Workshop II
Workshop III
Workshop IV
Workshop V
Workshop VI
Workshop VII
Workshop VIII
Workshop IX
Workshop X
Workshop XI
Workshop XII
Workshop XIII
Workshop XIV
Workshop XV


To receive a certificate of completion in recognition of the investment you have made in your career development and enhancing your skill set at RIT, you will need to complete all of the above italicized workshops.

Teams are an integral part of our organization and contribute to the overall success of RIT. As a manager, or project leader, it is your responsibility to stimulate engagement and motivation within your team, as well as supervise and maintain the project’s optimum completion. Many factors can contribute to the success or failure of a team or project. To overcome these obstacles, requires the manager or project leader, to employ unique skills which support the team and execution of the project as a whole.

Programs within this series are designed to develop these unique skills.  Pending the class, participation is open to managers, and/or managers with their teams.  Follow the links below to learn more about each session as well as register for them.

Building a Targeted and Focused Team: Shared Vision and Common Ground

Continuous Process Improvement for Managers and Project Leaders

Continuous Process Improvement for Team Performance

Designing Team/Department Retreats

Lean Six Sigma: “White Belt in Team Performance”

Teambuilding with DISC

Overview of Lean Six Sigma

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Sponsored Programs Accounting & Regulatory Certification (SPARC) training program is specifically designed for department administrators and other staff who provide direct post award fiscal and administrative support of sponsored projects to Principal Investigators.

The series is comprised of five workshops and each of the workshops in the series will be conducted throughout the academic year. They will be presented by our subject matter experts from the Sponsored Programs Accounting Office.

Certification Process

To obtain the SPARC, employees must complete the required workshops in Track I (and receive a certificate of completion) within 2 years of completing Track II. After attending all of the SPARC workshops, employees are required to satisfactorily complete a competency test. The test, which will be offered online, will be comprised of true and false and multiple choice questions. When taking the test, employees may refer to workshop materials and information on the SPA web site.

In addition to workshop handouts, attendees will receive a comprehensive training manual, designed to be a reference guide for later use.


Workshop Link
Workshop I Introduction to Accounting for Grants and Contracts
Workshop II Other Direct Costs
Workshop III Compensation and Effort Reporting
Workshop IV Accounting for Cost Share Commitments
Workshop V Audits and Compliance

Annual Recertification Workshop

In order to maintain the SPARC, employees will be required to attend an annual update/refresher workshop. Topics will include: 1) emerging trends in the world of sponsored programs; 2) RIT process and procedure changes that impact the fiscal administration of grants and contracts; and, 3) current developments and other compliance and regulatory issues of interest to grant administrators. This session is a round-table discussion where participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share information and experiences regarding sponsored project administration with others.

The Wellness Certificate Series is a collaborative program developed by Student Wellness, Better Me, and The Center for Professional Development to educate faculty and staff about trending wellness behaviors, unhealthy and risky behaviors and their impact on success at RIT. By engaging in this certificate, faculty and staff will have a better understanding of some of the health-related issues for our students, ourselves, and the resources available to support our community.

Participants may attend any or all sessions. Those who complete 6 sessions during spring semester will receive a certificate of achievement.