Sustainability in Practice

RIT is committed to employing best-in-class sustainable practices within university operations and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. But what are sustainable practices, how will RIT become carbon neutral, and what is the role of staff members in advancing these commitments?  RIT recognizes the need for all staff to become better equipped to lead sustainable change within their departments. This session, provides an introduction to sustainability and provides resources to facilitate sustainable behavior change. Participants will learn how RIT is responding to this grand challenge, and will explore tools and strategies for enacting sustainable practices within your unit and everyday work.


Learning objectives:

  1. Understand sustainability and how RIT is working to address sustainability challenges.
  2. Explore sustainability competencies: systems and temporal thinking, ethical and interpersonal literacy, innovation and creativity
  3. Identify strategies for integrating sustainability into their units, applying sustainability competencies to achieve objectives.

If you require interpreting services, please contact as soon as possible.

Facilitator Information: 

Enid L. Cardinal, Senior Sustainability Advisor to the President

Harshita Sood, Sustainability Initiatives Manager

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