RIT Accounting Practices, Procedures, and Protocol

This series is designed to familiarize employees with RIT accounting and budget practices, procedures and protocol, as well as with basic accounting terminology used at RIT.

Workshop topics include the chart of account structure; the budget process; understanding journal entries, transfers and chargebacks; accounts payable and payroll processes; accounting for fixed assets and capital projects; using Oracle standard and fsg reports and reconciling monthly statements; purchasing; travel and procurement card processes; accounting for grants and contracts, accounting for gifts and other project income and expenses; purchasing processes and procedure; and, completing accounting and payroll forms. Employees who perform financial functions, including travel and procurement card administration, as part of their role at RIT will benefit from the concepts taught in the series. The program will be presented by RIT subject matter experts in a series of thirteen workshops conducted throughout the academic year. Employees who attend all required workshops in the Accounting Series will receive a certificate of completion through Talent Roadmap. Required courses are bolded.

Note: *All workshops include information that will benefit RIT employees who work at NTID.

Also note: **There are new requirements for the certificate.


Workshop I
Workshop II
Workshop III
Workshop IV
Workshop V
Workshop VI
Workshop VII
Workshop VIII
Workshop IX
Workshop X
Workshop XI
Workshop XII
Workshop XIII
Workshop XIV
Workshop XV


To receive a certificate of completion in recognition of the investment you have made in your career development and enhancing your skill set at RIT, please enroll in the certification in Talent Roadmap. Once all of the required courses are complete, you will receive your certificate through the system.