Workshop 13: Accounting and Payroll Forms

Have you ever struggled trying to decide whether to use a Petty Cash Form or an Invoice Payment Form to process an employee reimbursement? Or, have you wondered why Accounts Payable requires a Form W-9 before they are able to process a payment for services? The Accounting and Payroll Forms workshop will provide answers to these questions as well as the information you need to efficiently process many types of transactions including deposits, petty cash, non-purchase order payments to suppliers, employee reimbursements, additional payments and payroll changes. Employees who have attended other workshops in the Accounting series will find this class to be a helpful review of accounting and payroll processes. Employees who have not attended other workshops should attend to obtain answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding accounting and payroll forms.

Prerequisite: None, though it is recommended that employees attend Accounting Practices, Procedures & Protocol Workshop I: Introduction to Accounting.

* Completion of this course is required to obtain your Accounting Series Certificate of Completion.

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This session is supported by the RIT Accounting Department.

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