Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is FREE for RIT Students!
Service plans will be effective on August 1, 2020
Essential computer support coverage for the most common problems and discounted rates for additional services.
  • Fast, convenient service
  • Easy to upgrade to Platinum at any time for the best value
  • Semester Plan available
  • Additional services may require additional fees
  • Service parts will require additional fees
  • Protection Plans do not cover Apple Computer repairs
Gold Plan:
Available May 15th
* You must log in with a valid RIT Computer Account to purchase
Gold Semester Plan:
Available May 15th
* You must log in with a valid RIT Computer Account to purchase
Services Included:
Virus Removal
Remove computer malware, trojans, virus infections and rootkits
Software/Driver Install
Install and setup applications for user; driver installation for new hardware
OS Install/Re-install
Operating system installation, upgrades and repair due to corruption
Hardware Troubleshooting
New hardware installation in laptops and desktops, troubleshooting of non-functional hardware; memory & hard drive testing; hardware stress and diagnostics for failure points
System Tune-up
General troubleshooting, settings fine-tuning and adjustments for peak performance; removal of unnecessary startup items and temporary files; repair software bugs & common problems
Email Set-up and Troubleshooting
Set-up and support of non-RIT email accounts and client configurations
Mobile Device Configuration
Set up of new mobile device, internet  and email configurations, and application installation
Basic Consulting
Provide answers to computer repair related questions
Additional Services - Gold Plan Pricing:

Replacement of cracked screens, keyboards, laptop hinges, and laptop motherboards


Attempt to recover files from devices not detected in your computer; lost & deleted file recovery, volume structure scans and reconstruction


Attempt to repair and recover devices exposed to liquids


TV, game console, or computer device in room setup and configuration for connection to RIT’s network and resources