Auxiliary Services attends The National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) national conference

Pictured left to right: Denishea Ortiz, Shawn Boyle, Karla Orozco, Donald LaFlam, Kory Samuels, Susan Blaha, Erin Hartter, Jake Reed, Lance Schoeps, Wendy Legler, and Katie Nielsen 

Several members of auxiliary services presented at the national NACUFS conference held in Baltimore, M.D. at the end of July, including Kory Samuels (associate vice president, auxiliary services), Denishea Ortiz (executive director of strategic marketing, auxiliary services), Karla Orozco (director of operations, RIT Dining), Susan Blaha (associate director, business services, RIT Dining), Erin Hartter (business relations manager, RIT Dining), and Jake Reed (data and reporting specialist, RIT Dining). 

Kory Samuels hosted a learning session, Operator to Administrator, focused on what tactics, strategies, and knowledge are needed to transition effectively from managing operations to supporting operations as an executive. 

Denishea Ortiz co-presented with Kirsten McKinney, director of marketing for campus operations at the University of Richmond, From Tactics to Strategy: Marketing for Better Experiences. This learning session focused on the role of marketing and how to get the most out of your marketing program through research, data, strategy, and brand. 

Susan Blaha, Erin Hartter, Karla Orozco, and Jake Reed presented on The Future of Meal Plans, sharing how RIT is leveraging their recent technology transitions with the transaction processing system and point-of-sale software. This session provided insight into the configuration of meal plans and important policies that allowed RIT Dining to streamline services they offer to the community.