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Care Package Facts


About the Program

RIT Care Packages is an exclusive gift service provided by The Corner Store, an in-house entity of RIT Dining. We prepare our packages 100% in-house and proceeds go to RIT FoodShare, which provides food to our campus community and addresses food insecurity amongst students.



For food allergies or other nutritional concerns contact us at 1-800-473-0956 prior to placing an order and for additional information.

Our facility is not food allergen nor gluten-free. We make every attempt to instruct our staff on the severity of food allergies and to label items with possible allergen-containing ingredients; however, there is always a risk of cross-contact. We make every effort to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

Please be advised that manufacturers may change their formulations without our knowledge, or other factors may occur beyond our reasonable control that may also alter the formulations of the food we serve.


How it works:

Order a gift online or by calling 1-800-473-0956.

Personal hand-written messages can be included with any purchase.

Orders for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and fruit baskets must be placed 48 hours in advance.


Package Notifications and Pickup:

RIT Care Packages (Welcome, Spirit, Fall Finals, Freeze Fest, Think Spring, Recharge, and Spring Finals):

Students are notified at their RIT email to pick up a package from Residence Life at the Den, located in the tunnels under Baker Hall. After the first notification, a second email is sent. If the package is still unclaimed, a phone call and/or text message is made. If packages are not picked up within two weeks of the initial notification, they will be donated to the RIT FoodShare and no refund will be provided.

Package Pick Up Dates starts on the following dates:

Recharge - March 22, 2021


Cakes, Cookies, Fruit Basket, Pizza, and Balloons:

The students are notified at their RIT email, and receive a phone call, after 5:30 pm the day the order was requested for. Students must pick up items at The Corner Store, located in the tunnels of Nathaniel Rochester Hall, on the same day. No refund will be provided for any items not picked up by store closing. 



All care packages and purchases are nonrefundable.