Gracie's Renovation & Meal Plan Changes

Gracie's Renovation & Meal Plan Changes

Gracie's Renovations

On April 29th, RIT Dining began a three month renovation of Gracie's kitchen and serving areas. Gracie's will reopen in August of this year. Gracie's will be open for Commencement Receptions. 

Meal Plan Changes

Due to Gracie's closing prior to the semester end, meals and meal exchanges have been converted to Dining Dollars from Sunday, April 28 through May 11, 2019 for those students on the Tiger 20, Tiger 14, Tiger 10, Tiger 5, and Athlete meal plans. Students on these meal plans are able to use their converted Dining Dollars at any RIT Dining location, excluding Java Wally's.

An email has been sent notifying students of their new Dining Dollars balance, which will include any existing Dining Dollars. Use Tiger Center to keep track of your remaining Dining Dollars balance. 

Dining Dollars will be deposited weekly each Sunday morning on April 28th and May 5th, consistent with the meal/meal exchange balance reset. Dining Dollars will expire end of business day on May 11, 2019. 

For questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question is not listed, please email or stop by the Dining Business Office in the Student Alumni Union room A520.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Dining Dollars will I have? The amount of Dining Dollars given to students will vary depending on their current meal plan.
Will I get all my Dining Dollars at once? No, your Dining Dollars will be distributed weekly rather than in a lump sum. You will receive two Dining Dollar payments (one for seven days and one for four days).
Why will Dining Dollars be distributed week by week rather than a lump sum? Your Dining Dollar balance will be replenished weekly, similar to meals resetting, so no student runs the risk of not having Dining Dollar funds for food, especially those whose current Dining Dollar balance is “0” and were relying solely on meals swipes.
Why are Dining Dollars distributed on a Sunday? Meals reset every Sunday before brunch, so the allocated Dining Dollar amount will be distributed on Sunday to adhere to the same schedule.
How did you calculate how many Dining Dollars I get? The Dining Dollar balance will be determined based on the daily rate for the student’s specific meal plan multiplied by the amount of days left in the semester.
How is the daily rate calculated? Daily rate is calculated by multiplying the days used by the days of meals served in a semester. The daily board rate differs based on the meal plan selected by the student.
Why is Gracie's closing on 4/29/19 rather than at the end of the semester? Gracie’s will close prior to the end of the semester in order to meet construction deadlines. Gracie’s serving and kitchen areas will be renovated and reopen for the Fall 2019 semester.
Where should I go to eat now that Gracie’s is closed? RIT Dining operates almost 20 other locations where you will be able to use your Dining Dollars. On the east side of campus, The Commons, Sol’s Underground, Beanz, the College Grind, and the Corner Store will remain open. While Gracie’s is closed through the end of the semester, The Commons will be open for breakfast and Brick City Café will serve brunch on Sunday, May 5th. Visit for the most up to date hours and menus for each location.
Where can I find a replacement for Gracie’s Simply Eats station or other allergen friendly foods? RIT Dining offers a number of services and resources through our Nutrition program including:
  • NetNutrition, RIT Dining’s online tool for determining nutritional information for foods and meals served in many dining locations. NetNutrition also allows guests to filter menu by food allergen, such as milk and peanuts.
  • Mary Anne McQuay, RIT Dining's registered dietitian, is available to answer your questions about healthy eating, food choices, ingredients used in foods served on campus, special dietary needs, and general nutrition inquiries. You can e-mail Mary Anne at and visit our Ask Our Dietitian page for more information.
  • Please speak with an RIT Dining manager at any location to ensure that the food prepared for you is allergen friendly.
What can I buy with Dining Dollars? What can’t I buy? Dining Dollars can be utilized at all RIT Dining locations (excluding Java Wally’s), campus convenience stores, and vending machines to purchase perishable and non-perishable groceries and food items only. Dining Dollars cannot be used at any of our off-campus vendors, Barnes & Nobles @ RIT, or for non-food items.
What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Tiger Bucks? Dining Dollars
  • Used for food purchases only at all locations excluding Java Wally's
  • Set amount given for each dining plan per semester
  • Dining Dollars can be rolled over per semester and expire at the end of the academic year
  • No sales tax charge (8%)
  • You can add funds at any time via

Tiger Bucks
  • Can be used on food and non-food items
  • Separate account that starts with a zero balance
  • Can be rolled over per semester and academic year - expires once you graduate
  • Charged 8% sales tax on all purchases
  • You can add funds at any time via
What happens to my leftover Dining Dollars? When a meal plan is purchased, 100% of any Dining Dollar balance at the end of the Fall semester will roll over into the Spring semester. All funds from both the Fall and the Spring semester must be used by the end of Spring semester. All Dining Dollars expire at the end of spring semester, funds do not rollover after spring. Dining Dollars for Summer term, expire at the end of term, funds do not rollover to summer or fall semester. Dining Dollars balances cannot be transferred to a Tiger Bucks account.
What are some ways I can spend Dining Dollars if I have excess? In addition to meals, Dining Dollars can be spent at any of our convenient stores on campus to purchase groceries, fresh produce, and bulk items.
What happens if I run out of Dining Dollars? You may add voluntary funds through eServices to replenish your Dining Dollars to your student account.
I have more questions, who do I contact? The RIT Dining Office is located in the basement of the Student Alumni Union (SAU), room A520. We are near the Q center and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority life. You can also contact us via email: or phone: (585) 475-2228


Gracie's Renovation Details

Gracie's will undergo a massive renovation to the kitchen and serving area. Within the serving area:

  • An open layout will be created by removing walls and repositioning the salad and dessert bars
  • The ceiling will be elevated to add to the open feel
  • Each of the stations will be renovated with new fixtures and finishes
  • A new stone pizza oven will enhance the pizza station and cook pizzas in 90 seconds
  • A pasta action station will be added for fresh made entrees
  • A new exit to the dish area will decrease exit congestion