RIT Dining Partners with the RIT Service Center

Beginning March 9, 2021, RIT Dining customer service will transition to the RIT Service Center (RSC). The RSC is an efficient single point of contact for service requests and support.

What does this mean to you?

  • Get quick answers to general questions about dining locations, meal plans, Tiger Bucks, and more
  • Submit requests for vending machine refunds, faculty and staff Tiger Bucks refunds, and dining department cards
  • Gain access to articles and on-line instructions for frequent tasks and questions
  • Track the status of open requests and tickets


How to access the RIT Service Center:

  • Self-service portal at help.rit.edu
  • Online Live Chat through the portal
  • Call 585-475-5000


We will continue to provide you with the best dependable customer service with this RSC/RIT Dining partnership.