Simply Eats

Gracie's provides allergen friendly foods every day within their Simply Eats station. The station is dedicated to eliminating the top eight food allergens which include; eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, shellfish, fish, peanuts and tree nuts. This also eliminates gluten and sesame seeds.

The main goal of Simply Eats is to provide students with common allergies or intolerances with safe food choices at their convenience. The ever-growing menu is composed of over 400 recipes which include a wide selection of proteins, vegetables, and legumes.

The staff at Gracie's go to great lengths to ensure food safety by sourcing the ingredients used in recipes to determine which type of plant they are processed in. Due to the major eight allergens that Simply Eats eliminates, the menu naturally offers vegan and vegetarian options. These foods are not heavily processed and contain no animal by-products. Evaporated juice or agave syrup is used to flavor certain sauces rather than granulated sugars because the crystals can be polished using bone char.

Great precautions are taken by the staff to prevent cross-contamination during meal preparations. As the largest commercial kitchen in Monroe County, Gracie's has enough space for an allergen-friendly area. We encourage incoming and perspective students and families to tour our kitchen to see where the food is prepared.