FMS After-Hours Contact List

If this is an after-hours Facilities Emergency please call Public Safety at 475-2853.


Click here for the FMS After-Hours Contact List. 

If you are visiting this webpage during Facilities Management’s normal business hours, Monday through Friday 7am-5pm, please contact the Facilities Management Operations Center for assistance with urgent requests. For non-urgent requests, please submit an online work order at our Maintenance Request page.
The FMS After-Hours Contact List is intended to be used by Public Safety and FMS. You will be prompted to enter the username and password that has been provided to your department. Once logged in, a list of all FMS employees will appear, along with their RIT contact information. If the employee is on the clock, there will be a check mark in the column called “On Premises”. Please only contact the employees who are“On Premises”.
***If you need the username and password, please contact Jennifer McKee, Operations Center Manager, at 475-4703 (