April 2014

From: Michelle Lanphear 
To:  Paula LaFave; Chris Furnare and his crew; Marcos Cobo and his crew; Nancy Moore and her crew

I wanted to thank Paula LaFave, Chris Furnare, Marcos Cobo, your electrical staff and custodial staff for all of their help this past week with the FIRST Robotics event.  They all did an outstanding job arranging and managing the field house electrical set ups, daily custodial requests, club car usage, and signage setup/tear down requests. Everyone was always professional, flexible and had an exceptional attitude! I am deeply appreciative for your staff’s can-do work ethic. I always look forward to working with your team because you all have a unified team spirit! 

From: Leslie Weber 
To: Paula LaFave

I would just like to let you know about your staff, in particular Paula.  I cannot tell you how incredibly helpful she has been.  I’m a new employee, completely unfamiliar with RIT, and each time I have had questions or have made requests, she has been patient, clear, and have gone out of her way to make sure that I felt comfortable with the results. Earlier this morning Paula helped me immensely, and made me feel as if my morning was getting off to a really good start.

From: Debra A Spencer 

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the entire FMS staff.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your department for the excellent condition of the campus this morning. I sincerely appreciate the plowing, shoveling and overall ease of getting into work.  I know I have had enough of WINTER and I am sure so has our staff in FMS. 

From: Daniel Ritz 
To: Grounds crew

I wanted you to know what a relief it was this morning to find the roadways onto campus and the parking lots to be plowed and passable. I am an early riser (generally in before 7) and was dreading having to plow my way into a parking spot. I realize the only way the lots and roads were in good condition is that your team was likely here all night, or at least in the wee hours. It’s much appreciated. 

From: ITS 
To: Dave Harris

We are pleased to inform you that Dave Harris has been nominated for this year’s ITS TIGER Award PAWSitively Awesome! This award – new this year - is given to someone outside of ITS who displays Tenacity, Inventiveness, Generosity, Enthusiasm, and Responsiveness. It is given to an ITS customer who is an outstanding person to partner with! This year, ITS is proud of our many great accomplishments. Your partnership and assistance helped make that happen.

From: Albert Conner 
To: Randal Brown

I need to commend Randy Brown on a great job, first on 4/7 getting the a-level furniture put back by himself with just a few minor adjustments, and clearing it out for open house on 4/11. When I went over at 8am it was complete, I asked if he had done it alone, his responce was yes. Randy great job!

From: Jessica Erickson
To: Amy Swan, Adam Helmer

Amy and Adam are doing an amazing job keeping up with the madness of our busy season. I appreciate it.