April 2015

From: Mark Allen Miles

To: Neveen Botros


Every morning Ms. Neveen Botros insures that the cleanliness, functionality and appearance of the RIT Counseling Center on the second floor of the August Center (23A) through her diligent, accommodating and meticulous efforts and attention and who “brightens” each morning through her pleasant, up-beat, supportive greetings, comments and disposition, is herself a kudo to your services, operation and department.  As a representative of the services you strive to provide to the RIT community, Ms. Botros presents as what one could only hope as a fine exemplar.  Committed diligently to the tasks before her, gracious in her execution of that work and reflecting a willingness to assist or accommodate in extra ways if necessary within the parameters of her duties and capacities, she is an individual for who one feels compelled to stop for a moment and acknowledge gratitude as she goes beyond merely putting in a day’s work. Thank you to whomever is responsible for sending Ms. Botros by way of the RIT Counseling Center such that she can “brighten” our days and our facilities as we all work to enhance the environment and lives of the students of RIT.  


From: John Kaemmerlen

To: Elisha Abrams


I asked Elisha Abrams to mop the floor in the 3 D printing lab, off the Brinkman Lab, and by the time she was done it looked fantastic.  Senator Gillebrand is doing a press conference in the Brinkman Lab today, which triggered the need for a bunch of short-of-lead-time work, which your people helped with.  Obviously your team plays an important role in the “image” RIT has in the community, and this is a good example of stepping up to get something important done quickly. We appreciate the help.


From: Therese Mulligan

To: Charles VanMaldeghem


Chuck, You and your staff are the absolute best. A job well done despite the short notice provided to you. Thank you!!!


From: Inge Meffert

To: Ornella Lomonaco


My name is Inge Meffert from the Academic Support Center and I wanted to reach out to you in regards to Ms. Ornella Lomonaco. Ms. Lomonaco is truly a joy to have in our department.  Her works stands out as she provides exemplary service.  Specifically, Ornella is diligent (our office spaces have never been so well cared for). Furthermore, she is professional, respectful and her friendly disposition brightens our day.


From: Kerrie Bondi

To: Dave Woodhams


I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for helping with set-up for our dinner.  Dave called the day before to confirm set up and to ask a few questions.  We met prior to the event and very quickly settled on a set-up.  Of course the students moved the tables to suit themselves, but it was set up perfectly for about 10 minutes!  Dave had a very good sense of humor about it when he returned and I am grateful for that. Thank you again for being so easy to work with FMS!!


From: Christopher Rhodes

To: Anthony Lewis


It is my great pleasure to give Anthony Lewis Kudos for his attention to detail. After removing the running mats from the floor I was running short on time due to a Video training meeting that I was scheduled to attend. I was unable to remove tape from the floor that held down the runner mats before my meeting and upon my return when I went to remove the tape from the floors Anthony had taken the initiative and removed all the remaining tape that held the runner mats to the floor. Great job Anthony!


From: Faith Eng

To: Neveen Botros


I work at the Center for Religious Life and I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate Neveen. She does an excellent job and the Center always looks great! She is conscientious about keeping everything neat and clean and is always helpful. All of our facilities are spotless and always look great and the trash and recycling in the whole center are always emptied promptly. She is hard working and thorough and her work is always quality.

Not only does she do a great job and care about her work, she is also very friendly and kind. I look forward to seeing her and saying hi when she comes to empty the trash and recycling, and she is always positive and encouraging. I know that students from the various groups who use the center also appreciate how friendly she is when she is doing her work and greets them. Our students have specifically commented to me about how great a job Neveen does and expressed their appreciation to her. Neveen has such a great attitude and it really shows. I have never heard her complain or be negative about anything, whatever it is she's doing. It is a delight to have someone so sweet and hardworking taking care of the Center.

We really appreciate everything she does for us here and wanted to let all of you know that she is doing a wonderful job! 


From: Mark McFee

To: FMS Grounds Team


What a difference your team made in the appearance around our building last week for the open house.  The change was dramatic and so appreciated.  Thank you!